Monster by Steve Jackson (October 1999)

Is Evil Loveable?
Review by Kim Cantrell

Monster details the story of Tom Luther; a man who is able to manipulate women with his good looks and his imaginitive story telling.

Especially Debra Snider, who fell hard and fast for this sexually sadistic loser.

The author holds nothing back from the reader on the viciousness of his crime against Cher Elder and many other women; some of whom he is only suspected of harming.

In addition, readers are given a walk into the hearts and minds of Cher Elder’s parents as they struggle to deal with the death of their daughter and the capture of her killer.

As you read about these vicious crimes and feel the torment of Elder’s parents, readers are also given insight into how a normal, education, married mother of two (Snider) can fall in love with someone so evil; and even after learning that the evil remains, still loving that person unconditionally.

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Updates from this book:

Thomas “Tom” Luther is currently incarcerated at the Mount Olive Correctional Center in West Virginia. He is eligible for parole in January 2011 and will be released no later than August 2012. However, following his West Virginia release, he will immediately be transferred to and begin serving his sentence in Colorado.

In this book, Jackson made a good case for Luther being responsible for the cold case involving Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee; however, in 2008, Luther was eliminated as a suspect through DNA testing.