Where Are They Now: Jill Lonita Billiot (Coit)

Remember Jill Lonita Billiot from Clifford Linedecker’s 1995 book Poisoned Vows?

Best known for marrying men because she slept with them -(“I sleep with them, I marry them, okay? I could just sleep with them.”) and the murder of at least one of them, she racked up nine husbands before the state of Colorado stepped in; arresting Billiot, along with her most recent love interest Michael Backus, for the murder of husband number 8:  Gerald Boggs.

On March 17, 1995, Billiot and Backus were convicted of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado District Court.

In May 1998, Billiot got the bright idea to post an online personals ad reading, “Want U.S. Citizenship?  Marry an inmate.”  The United States Department of Immigration shut the site down before Billiot could find any takers.

In April 2006, Jill filed a civil suit against multiple defendants – most being correctional officers – claiming sexual abuse and other human rights violations.   The latest information available  – dated June 2008 – shows that this case has yet to be heard.

Jill Coit: Colorado DOC Most Recent PhotoNow being 65 years old and a true lifer of the Colorado Department of Corrections (all of her appeals have been denied) – her first eligible date for parole is March 16, 3004 – I feel it’s a sure bet to say that men everywhere are safe from this serial-marrying femme fatale.

(Jill’s co-defendant Michael Bakus’ latest appeal was denied in October 2009.  He also remains a resident of the Colorado Department of Corrections, where his first eligible parole date is June 2, 3004.)