No Remorse by Bob Stewart (February 1996)

“If he dies before the year 2010, I’ll be surprised.” -Prosecutor David Counts
Only Texas Could Be Beat the Odds

Review by Kim Cantrell

Kenneth Allen McDuff was truly one of the meanest men to walk the face of this earth.

In 1966, McDuff was accused of murdering two teenage boys, Robert Brand, 17, and John Marcus Dunnam15, , and brutally raping then murdering Edna Louise Sullivan, 16.

When the State of Texas obtained a conviction and death sentence against McDuff for the murder of Robert Brand, they felt confident it was all they needed and never pursued justice on the other two cases.

They were wrong. Very, very wrong.

Following a series of legal maneuverings in his favor, McDuff was paroled from prison in 1990; free again to pray on society.

Especially the women.

In 1991, McDuff would begin a killing spree leaving eight women tortured and dead in his wake.

This time, though, the state of Texas wasn’t taking any chances.

No Remorse by Bob Stewart is an excellent account of the a evil man and his evil deeds, the failures of a justice system created to protect, and the capture of a killer that would forever change a state’s paroling guidelines.

Having taken facts and turned it into an interesting story, sans any fluff or filler, I highly recommend reading No Remorse.

Updates from this book:

Kenneth Allen McDuff was executed by lethal injection on November 17, 1998. He is buried at Peckerwood Hill (a cemetary for prisoners) in Huntsville, Texas.

Addie Lee McDuff died at the age of 87 in November 2003.

John “J.A.” McDuff died on May 15, 1993.

Lori Bible still lives in the Austin, Texas area and presently works as a project manager for Lockwood, Andrews & Newman.