Serial Killers: The World’s Most Evil by Nigel Blundell (March 2010)

Serial Killers From Around the World
Review by Kim Cantrell

The term ‘serial killer’ may have been coined in the United States, but it is not just Americans who must fear these homicidal persons.

British author Nigel Blundell invites readers on a tour of serial killer from around the world in his 2010 release Serial Killers:  The World’s Most Evil. From the deserts of the United States to the court rooms of Moscow, Russia, the shadows of the Eiffel tower to Canada’s third largest city, Blundell tells the stories of both infamous and lesser known killers, such as:

  • David Ray Parker of New Mexico who, for 40 years, committed heinous acts of rape and torture but managed to dodge a murder conviction.
  • Fred and Rosemary West, an English killer couple who raped, tortured and murdered boarders…as well as their own children!
  • Ted Bundybroke the serial killer mold by committing his crimes cross country, making his way from Washington to Florida.
  • Australian Ivan Milat who preyed upon the young backpacking across the country.
  • In Belgium, Marc Dutroux  kept adolescent girls in a dungeon where they were raped and tortured.
  • Michel Fourniret and Monique Olivier of Belgium sought out young virgins to satisfy Fourniret’s sick lust, then murdered them.
  • Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris terrorized California’s Pacific Coast, preying up teenage girls whom they raped and tortured before killing.
  • Monster(s) of Florence, Italy, is an unknown person(s) who surprised young couples in the throws of passion and brutally murdered them. 
  • Herman Mudgett, a.k.a. H. H. Holmesturned his Chicago mansion into a temple of doom; featuring walls fitted with pipes that expelled deadly gas into sealed rooms that otherwise appeared to be beautifully decorated bedrooms.
  • Sante Kimes and Kenny Kimes were a mother and son thieving and killing team, performing their ghastly deeds in California, New York and the Bahamas.
  • Graham Young would have made an excellent scientist.  Instead he opted to use his knowledge of deadly poisons to kill.
  • Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi were a pair of serial killing cousins who terrorized California by raping and sodomizing young women.
  • Theresa Knorr murdered her own children after playing the role of moral judge, jury, and executioner.
  • Dennis Rader haunted Kansas law enforcement for almost three decades, earning the name BTK Killer for his signature methods:  bind, torture, kill.
  • Alexander Pichushkin of Moscow murdered many of his victims by tossing them into the city’s sewers.
  • Gerald Gallego and Charlene Williams was a serial killing duo; Charlene would lure young women for Gerald to rape and then murder.
  • Gary Heidnik lured women to his Pittsburg home where he kept them chained in his basement for his own sick and twisted pleasure.
  • Gary Taylor was released from prison again and again, to kill again and again. 
  • Ian Brady and Myra Hindley committed some of the most horrendous crimes against children in British history.
  • Randy Kraft was a handsome homosexual from California who found victims in hitchhikers.
  • Leonard Lake and Charles Ng held their victims captive in a California hillside bunker, where they tortured their victims while capturing it on video.
  • Robert Pickton of Canada invited young women to his parties at the pig farm that would become their place of death.
  • David Berkowitz, better known as the Son of Sam, terrorized New York until a parking ticket would end his killing spree.
  • Danny Rollings lurked in the shadows among the coeds at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Raping, murdering and mutilating corpses got this serial killer spot on Florida’s death row.
  • When nurses, such as Geneene Jones and Beverley Allitt, hurt instead of heal, they’re referred to as “Angels of Death.”
  • Doctors of Death are particularly frightening with their ability to instill trust and extensive knowledge of life and death.  Doctors such as Harold Shipman and Michael Swango felt more power in killing than in healing.

Regular readers know I’m a HUGE fan of true crime short stories, and Nigel Blundell didn’t disappoint.  Even with some of the cases (i.e., Ted Bundy) on which I have done extensive reading, Blundell still brought an interesting tidbit or two to the story.  And the serial killer stories from abroad were extremely interesting.

For anyone interested in reading a condensed version on serial killers worldwide, I highly recommend adding Nigel Blundell’s Serial Killers: The World’s Most Evil to your to-be-read list.