Vote for Your Favorite True Crime Books of 2010

This year (2010) has seen some great true crime books!

Whether the stories came from veteran true crime authors or rookies, narrowing the choices down to only a few was difficult.

For the 2010 True Crime Book Reviews Awards, there will be two categories (1) Reader’s Choice, which will be awarded to the top 10 books chosen by readers’ secret ballot; and (2) Editor’s Choice, which will be chosen by a secret three judge panel of regular true crime reviewers.

Using a wide variety of resources that included a host of frequent true crime reviewers and Facebook feedback, I’ve narrowed the list down to 30.

Ladies and gentleman, the following is 30 top nominees for the 2010 true crime book awards.

Please use the following form to cast your vote by secret ballot for your favorite books:


Any identifying information obtained via form submission will not be shared, nor be used for vote calculation purposes. Any books published after December 15, 2010, will be considered for the 2011 awards. Voting ends at 11:59:59 central time on Friday, December 31, 2010. Winners will be announced Tuesday, January 5, 2011.