Serial Killers: Murder Without Mercy by Nigel Blundell (December 2010)

Third in Serial Killer Series Is The Best
Review by Kim Cantrell

If you didn’t know it already, let me tell you now that I love true crime short stories. Over last year,British author Nigel Blundell has written two books featuring stories on Serial Killers; both of which I enjoyed immensely. But his third book, released in December 2010 in the United Kingdom (April 2011 for the U.S.), is, in my opinion, the best one of this three book series.

Titled Serial Killers: Murder Without Mercy, Blundell provides a perfect blend of historical and contemporary true crime stories from around the world. Featured in this book is:

  • Raymond Fernandez & Martha Beck:  The personal ads would bring this murderous duo together, who claimed their love for one another until the very end.
  • Peter Sutcliffe:  Known as the Yorkshire Ripper, this truck driver claimed the lives of numerous prostitutes in the name of God.
  • Edmund Kemper:  This 1970s California serial killer claimed several victims before killing his own mother…and using her head as a dartboard!
  • Dr. Thomas Cream:  In the late 1800s, this doctor used his medical knowledge to murder the unsuspecting; committing his crimes on two continents.
  • Aileen Wuornos:  America’s most famous female serial killer lured them in as a prostitute then murdered them in cold blood.
  • John Christie:  10 Rillington Place in West London became famous after this serial killer hid the bodies of his victims in his home.
  • Henri Landu:  French bigamist and serial killer, he lured in wealthy woman by way of personal ads.
  • Charles Manson:  California cult leader convinced three of his female followers to kill for him.
  • John Haigh:  He liked to live lasciviously, but The Acid Bath Murderer preferred to kill rather than work.
  • The Zodiac:  America’s most famous unidentified serial killer. 
  • Jack Unterweger:  He wrote a book while in prison for murder that convinced much of the literary world that he was rehabilitated.  He was anything but.
  • William Burke & William Hare:  This Scottish duo’s victims were sold to a local doctor for medical research.
  • Gary Ridgway:  This Pacific Northwest serial killer eluded police for two decades.
  • Beverley Allitt:  Working as a British pediatric nurse, her victims were helpless against such evil.
  • Luis Garavito:  Poverty and an extreme homicide rates allowed this pedophile to kill over 100 children before he was captured.
  • Belle Gunness:  This chubby, plain jane lured men in with false personal ads then killed them for their money.
  • Robert Maudsley:  A real-life Hannibal Lecter.
  • Charles Schmid:  He had everything money could buy, but he wanted more; he wanted to kill.
  • Jerry Brudos:  His love of shoes and women’s clothing led to his victims become his life size, albeit lifeless, dolls.
  • Gordon Cummins:  When the lights when out in London, he went on the prowl for victims.
  • Nanny Doss:  This Giggling Granny laughed all the way to bank after killing her husbands.
  • David & Catherine Birnie:  Australian killer couple held their victims captive for perverted pleasure before murdering them.
  • Mary Ann Cotton:  She killed husbands, lovers and her own children to collect the insurance proceeds.
  • Albert DeSalvo:  He went down in history as The Boston Strangler, but was he?
  • George Smith:  One of his three brides negotiated the price of the bath tub in which she would die!
  • Heinrich Pommerencke:  This German serial killer became known as The Beast of the Black Forest.
  • Earle Nelson:  His nationwide victims had the life strangled out of them by this man with gorilla-like hands.
  • William Palmer:  His gambling debts had to be paid, even if it meant being paid with blood money.

Although each story is condensed with just the facts, averaging 4-5 pages each, readers will still find they are plenty detailed; including background information of the criminal as well as up-to-date information on the current whereabouts.

If you enjoy true crime collections, then I strongly recommend Serial Killers: Murder Without Mercy by Nigel Blundell.  

For more information about the author or to purchase this book before its U.S. release date, visit Pen and Sword Books.

Serial Killers: Murder Without Mercy is a must read, so go get it!
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