Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!: The True Story of the FBI Agent Who Did Things His Way by Jack Owens (August 2009)

G-Man Goes Comedian
Review by Kim Cantrell

Jack Owens was a law student at the University of Alabama when he was hired on as an FBI agent. And how did he celebrate? By breaking into a University storage building that evening and stealing some badly needed furniture.

And the next 30 years of his career would be a never-ending series of insane practices by Owens. Fortunately, they all appeared to be legal; not necessarily FBI policy, but not illegal per say.

But while Owens has learned to find the humor in a business that is anything but funny, there’s a serious side to the former G-man too. In his 2009 memoir Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans, Owens leads readers on a historical tour of the FBI, from the birth of Edgar J. Hoover’s brainchild through it’s many directors, evolvement from a boys-only club, and how they dealt with the heartbreak of fallen comrades.

Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans is a fantastic blend of fugitives, funnies, and friends out of the FBI that can be told with the wit and respect that only one of their own could offer. Readers will laugh and cry, and wish that it never had to end.

The next time you’re jonesing for a little humor but still need that true crime fix, grab a copy of Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans! by Jack Owens.


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